The Birth of Andrew Bogut Basketball

In 2006 after completing his rookie season, Andrew was in preparations for Australia’s 2006 World Championship campaign in Japan. As he was trying to get back into shape to be ready for the National Team preparations, Andrew started his Basketball and Weights training. Being in America for the last 3 years, Andrew had forgotten how hard it was to access a basketball venue at suitable times to his training program on a daily basis. Usually these facilities only have small windows where the courts are free for casual use, prompting to training cancellations caused by the court being rented out to schools/public last minute. The other problem was that most basketball related venues don’t have a weights/strength and conditioning venue. Along with the previous two points, Andrew also treats recovery as importantly as any other training tool. (ice baths, spas, pool workouts)



 Train Like A Pro

 At Andrew Bogut Basketball you will learn all the aspects of being a ‘pro’.

This will include:
Basketball related skills and techniques
Individualized Strength and Conditioning programs for each athlete.
Injury Prevention Techniques
Rehabbing current Injuries with referrals from your Physical Therapist
Recovery Techniques
Diet and Nutrition
Video Sessions